It’s that time of year again. Somewhere around this time in February 2011 is when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. No specific date comes to mind because I was suspicious of why I was feeling bad prior to going for a full work up. Having access to urinalysis strips at work, I quickly found out I had a lot of glucose in my urine which is abnormal.

I can honestly say there have been entire years that go by where I don’t think about my initial diagnosis. The event itself was not earth shattering to me but the subsequent changes to my lifestyle definitely weighed more heavily on me.

Just a week ago I had another check up. My A1C was within the recommended range (<7%) again. After 8 year on the diabetes treatment train I am fortunate to have only been above the recommended A1C once. The one poor A1C value came just after completing my didactic year in PA school and I was definitely not making my health the priority I should have.

Thinking about all this time I can’t help but wonder what toll the disease has taken on my body already. The picture posted at the top makes me think about how many injections I gave myself over the years. I’m fortunate today to use the pump and not have to take so many injections. Thankfully by keeping my A1C and blood glucose values within (mostly) recommended ranges I have been able to stave off insidious complications like neuropathy among others. I hope to be able to continue this trend but I still need to make some changes.

Do you have a good anniversary story? How have you or your loved one been doing since that first A1C?